I Wrote a Letter​(​LP)

by Dustin Saucier & The Sad Bastards

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Recorded May - September 2012 at the York residence


released September 28, 2012

Jon York - Producer, lap steel, electric guitars, bass, awesomeness
Geoff Williams - Drums, aux. percussion, beards
Elizabeth Taillon - Backing vox on "Like Lions Do", bringing the spook.



all rights reserved


Dustin Saucier & The Sad Bastards Portland, Maine

Dustin is joined by his good friends to create rock that may be sad, but never maudlin. Influenced by all genres of the musical world, Dustin and The Sad Bastards have put out a full length and an EP, of which the EP was mentioned by Portland Phoenix as one of the best of 2013. ... more

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Track Name: I'm Sure
I wrote a letter to my best intentions
Asked them, 'where have you gone since the last mention of love?'
And I'm holding out for another evening
where the sun wouldn't set on a love so weak and I
know what you see

Cause theres time for forgiveness, there's always a chance
That I haven't given up on this romantic view of the world
Where you would come running back into my arms
Hold me and tell me how lovely we are as one

I wrote a letter to all of my friends
Told them I would like to get in touch with them again
But hold on a second, I lost everything
In a life that I lead without any regard for anyone

Theres nothing here for me to give to you
I just want to be alone for a second now
But you would come in and take me by surprise
Theres nothing left; no fire in your eyes
and I'm sure
Track Name: The Fire, The Trip, The End
Well I see a fire burning down the hall
Do I want to go, or should I run from it all?
And I think about all the ones that I love and
come to decide push or shove
That I'll stay where I am, cause Id rather burn alive
than to sacrifice a minute of my time
To the ones I call my "family" and my "friends"
Well I know its too long, but its too close to an end

I woke up from another nightmare and told myself 'I gotta get the hell outta here'
So I took a plane to a foreign land, and I tried my best at a foreign romance
But that girl dont know a thing about what I said because there are barriers that must be kept
So i went back home and I sulked to myself and I wondered if there was anyone else

who felt
the way that i felt
about love
or the fleeting feeling
of nothing that filled my veins

So I locked myself in my room again and prayed for a means to an end
And I looked up to the sky and I said "Oh please God, if you're listening, wont you save me from what I have become? A soulless mother fucker who doesnt know his head from his ass?"
And I cant repeat what he said, but I knew it soon that I'd end up dead

Cause theres no time like the present time
And theres no time to get it right (x2)
Track Name: Like Lions Do
Caught on his side, how the wounded lion catches light
Sickening health, seems like he is giving up fight
Vacant and bare, softened breaths, a rouse coming back
Who wouldve thought his first bite would become his last?

Foregone explanations, common incantations
Jealous misconceptions, all of these life lessons

I am a lion who's innocently lost his pride
Left naked and bare, wounded and barely alive
Sworn to avenge the lioness I lost tonight
Instead sit and stare as I watch this life pass me by

For these foregone explanations, common incantations
of jealous misconceptions, all of these life lessons
I want to break the rules, like all the lions do
Wake me from sleep and let me see what its like
to be free
Track Name: Carousel Horse
The meadows of this sacred place have stories saved for better days
And the beauty of the grass trampled by your feet would sustain

And Im holding out my heart, just to watch it fall apart
Like an old carousel horse suspended in the air, I wait.

Like a child who's lost his way back to school on a rainy day
I would hold the qualities I lack, fall apart; just break

But I dont wanna feel this way, so morose and full of disdain
Count my blessings and return to sleep in a peculiar haze

Wont you come with me my love?
Wont you come with me tonight?
Track Name: You'll Ruin Yourself Like That
Folly in the open carousel of summers condescending
serendipitous reviews of a soft song
You were singing to the dead; spider legs in the web that you were spinning
Soon the glory of our days would be done

She was keeping calm and cool, carried on; can't conject certain feelings
old or fairly new in play
So I watch with steady eyes as the lies, like kaleidoscoping ceilings
juxtapose what shouldve been with what was done

and we sing la, da da da da da da, la da da (it hurts less to sing along)
la da da da da da da la da daaaaa

Soon the time would finally come when youd make off giving me an inkling of affection that you knew I starved for
But better than just let myself fall prey to the compromising dealings
I could only shake you off for so long

Yeah you talk, ya you talk talk talk
Youll ruin yourself like that
But you still talk, why do you talk?
And when they talk, when they talk talk talk
does it complicate the feeling yet?
But you still talk, you still talk

When the resurrection came, until that day, you kept yourself in hiding
to avoid all the work it would take
but when our mouths they finally met; my nicotine and your lip gloss careening, I feared for the shitty thoughts id think next

But it was all just a game that youd play to test out your feelings
and I was just a catalyst
And when you were said and done I would be one who was without a feeling and theres nothing that I miss
Track Name: I Don't Sleep
another moment I'll see exactly what you've done to me
and all of your things somehow find their way to me
like notes strung about your floor
and all of the times I tried to give you the love i had
but there was something missing

another cold frosted morn I'd wake without that comfortable warmth
of you close to my side
without you it feels like half a life has been taken away from me
cause nothings the same; no I don't sleep I just wait for you
to come back, I hope its soon, cause nights aren't the same without

I'm waiting for this to begin
and you're begging for this to end
I'm waiting for this to begin
and you're waiting for this to end
Track Name: Worth Waiting
Come and go as you please, I have no means to hold you from your release
and though I can't afford the means to keep you by my sides
well god damn i will try for you.

On a cold August morn, we would find ourselves caught in, in a lovers scorn
and theres nothing left to do, so we take apart the memories we had glued together for our lives
but that wouldn't do

Is there something here worth waiting for?
Is there nothing here worth talking for?
Cause I thought this was worth fighting for
but I dont know.

I remember those days, you would come over and we would sit and gaze
as the leaves fell from the trees; no, nothing felt so good to me
nothing felt so good to me
And I wanna think about all the great things that we'd talk about
cause theres nothing better than the feeling of your breath on my neck
or the way we'd touch and make me forget
everything going wrong in my life

Is there something here worth waiting for? x2
Never thought I was worth waiting for
but I know that you're worth fighting for
Cause theres nothing here worth living for
If our love is not worth fighting for
No, theres something here worth waiting for
Track Name: Wounded Bird
When I was born I couldn't see the deluge of a tragedy
Constant barrage of fuckery the world had blindly dealt to me
So I would grow to finally be a cynic with good company
And you would watch as all the leaves changed their colors here for me

In time it took to be exposed, a growing doubt that no one knows
took over and finally showed a boy who couldnt hold his own
Alone at start, till i could find someone who would stick behind
My thoughts and keep me in their eyes, but who knew the big surprise

And who would know a heart like this could be easily dismissed?
A common soul, a subtlety, a wounded bird whose wings weren't free
So i would try to fix it all and eventually I'd fall
But who would know I'd fall so soon? Who would know I'd fall for you?

Now I lie here in this bed, silently praying for my death
In lieu of certain events, the feeling of you circumvents
those feelings of lonliness of which your hands would caress
please end this now

When I was born, I chose to see the world that I wanted to see
but now I know the world is mean and there is nothing left for me
Why do I choose to persist on, well maybe I think theres a song
left in my heart to sing along
Track Name: Thoughtful
Sometimes it feels like you have to sell your soul to make it in this town
and sometimes it seems like you cant be yourself around anyone else

But I like me
I like me

And we would spend most of our time on your porch talking away the night
You would worry about anything and everything

But I like you

There was a feeling that I could not escape
One of those things that you could not reciprocate

But I know you, you want to
but you dont know how to.

I know you
I like you
Track Name: This Is Not The Last Time
Taken away for a second, all of these simple discretions
I know that I'm pressed for time at best, so I'll say this and I'll go
There was a way in the moment a simple wave that came and went
But theres nothing left in here so I guess I'll try my best

So raise, raise your glass to a love best left in the past
And cheers to the sun that set long before we were ever done

true you were quite distracting, got in the way of what I could
do without; this simple thing I found in without you

So raise, raise your glass to a love thats best left in the past
and cheers to the sun that set long before we were ever done, we're never done
but hold your head high, and i promise you this was more than just a passing by
and soon you will see exactly what you've done to me

So raise your glass to a love thats best left in the past
and cheers to the sun, that set long before we were ever done, we're never done
Hold your head high, and i promise you all this is not the last time
You will see everything that you meant to me.